A gloomy, poppy, patchwork of melancholy and catchy melodies, NAYSA’s music doesn’t lend itself to uncomplicated comparisons. While the genre may be hard to place, they will inevitably hook you in with their simplicity, sincerity, and downtrodden charm. The bulk of the NAYSA’s songs began as solo material for founding member and songwriter Reverend Davey Todd III, and throughout 2013 the other members of the quartet were slowly brought together to fill out the band, the songs and the sound. Grant Danyluk, Jason Aniceto, and Sean Leslie now round out the line-up, bringing the necessary instrumentation and complexities to the skeleton song framework of Todd.

In the short lifespan, NAYSA has quickly amassed an abundance of material. In a little over a year, three releases have already emerged. The first EP, “Songs we Recorded in our Basement” was described as “a noisy throwback to college radio circa the Pixies/Replacements era” by Stylus Magazine. The followup, the “Troubled Heart” EP was released only a few months later. Described as, “four tracks of upbeat, loose, sporadic pop that would make fans out of people who dig Makeout Videotape or the first Yuck LP” and “ramshackle genius” by Uniter Editor Nicholas Friesen. The third release, a single, is now out on the band’s bandcamp. Naysa is one of the hardest working bands in Winnipeg. Already playing numerous shows around the city, both headlining or opening for touring artists like Mac DeMarco. Already playing numerous shows and festivals around the province, the band is moving forward looking to touring both near and far.

With so much accomplished in such short a timeframe, the band is looking only forward. New material is in the works and new opportunities on the horizon.

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